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As with all insurances, you need to know the limitations of the insurance, when it can you insure an item and how to claim. One area that is fraught with difficulties is when the item is damaged in transport, In this case who is liable the courier company who did something during transit to cause concern or the shipper who didn’t adequately package the item in the first place – please see our section on how to package.

Currently our system offers insurance at 1% of the stated items value (this is the value you declare the item is worth when you do the booking)

If you want to insure your items then always obtain a copy of the policy. We will email out a copy to all our clients or show you where to find the url
Below is for general guidance only on how insurance policies work

General Insurance Terms & Conditions

1. What cover will my consignment have?

Cover protects you against loss or damage of your consignment in transit, up to the maximum value declared in your policy, provided that you satisfy the conditions of making a claim.

2. How is the cost of my premium calculated?

Insurance premiums are calculated either as in our case as a straight percentage of the declare value of the goods.

3. How do I purchase insurance?

During the booking process the relevant box can be ticked and insurance added.

4. What items cannot be insured?
  • 1. insurance cover is only refundable up until the shipment has been collected.
  • 2. Dangerous, Hazardous and prohibited goods
  • 3. No Compensation list. These items are the more tricky ones. Sometime loss is covered but not damage, other times there is no cover. If this is something you ship then do ask the agents for help.
  • a. Data
  • a. Data
  • b. Glass
  • c. LCD Screen / computer terminals
  • d. Vouchers / tickets
  • e. Jewellery / wrist watches
  • f. Pottery
  • g. Works of art
  • h. Furniture

It is the shipper’s responsibility to ensure that your goods can be insured and shipped.

5. How do I make a claim?

Claims have to be made as quickly as possible and one of the difficulties is the consignee has the ‘damaged packages’ and the only one who can make the claim is the shipper or person who paid the insurance premium. So you will need to make sure that consignee is aware that they need to report issues asap and likewise you need to make sure the claim is passed on as quickly as possible.
It is always wise to take pictures of the items being dispatched as well as the internal packaging arrangement and the outer box. This always helps to speed the claim. Pictures from the consignee of the damage the item received during transit. If the boxes are lost the couriers mount a search of the warehouse space; pictures aid this search.
Lost items – these cannot be claimed for unless they are on the original valued customs invoice.
Damaged items – these cannot be claimed for if the delivery note is marked received in good condition. All claims for damages must signed as damaged or unchecked.
All claims must be made within 7 days of delivery. The couriers will need:

  • 1. A copy of the Air waybill or consignment note, signed on collection of the goods
  • 2. Proof of value of the consignment (purchase invoice). Only the replacement value or the repair costs of the goods will be paid – this is cost as opposed to sales (or retail) price.
  • 3. Photographs of the items and packaging, preferably before and after.
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