transit times

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transit times

Transit time is the time it takes a shipment to go from the collection point or drop-off location to the delivery destination. They vary between couriers, location and service chosen. When obtaining a quick quote on our system, all available couriers and all their service options will appear detailing their transit times and cut-off times.

As the transit time of a shipment depends on the courier, service type and location it would be a very long list to describe them all, so here is a brief summary. Please note that that all transit times are based on working days.

Economy vs Express and Timed Delivery

Economy services: are generally when shipments are placed on a truck and driven from hub to hub until reaching the nearest hub to the delivery address. This service is for UK and the most of the EU. It is called economy because they are usually the cheaper option but typically delivery takes longer.

Express services: are sent by plane to the nearest airport hub to the delivery address and is then driven to the delivery address. Bear in mind that no courier has men on the ground in every country so agents are used in these locations for the final leg of the journey

Timed delivery: certain couriers in certain destinations (such as UK, France, Germany and parts of the USA) provide services that deliver before 9am, before 10am or before 12am. These services are usually more costly but are useful when needed

Please not that delays are occasionally inevitable. Here is a list of reason for some delays

Security inspection: any package may be checked and sometimes can take some time. Tatty, broken or suspicious looking items will be put aside and checked later. This may means they miss their scheduled connection and be delayed for a day.

Clearance delays: customs can take longer than expected to release a package. This can also be due to the duties and taxes not being paid promptly.

Bad weather: hurricanes, storms and severe rain can affect the couriers massively. Flights can be delayed, re-routed or even cancelled.

Public holidays: every country has different holidays and can delay delivery due the companies not being open to receive goods or the actually couriers not working.

Not all paperwork has been provided: not providing all necessary paperwork can slow down a shipment. You will be asked to provide more information or supplementary paperwork. The goods may even be returned Some or all the goods were not listed or described properly: when screened and checked if it is found that there are items that have been listed or described properly then more information or extra paperwork may need to be provided.

Dangerous goods not properly labelled, described, mentioned and/or incorrect paperwork:

You should always be authorized to send dangerous goods with your preferred courier, always check that your goods are not prohibited for transport and can be legally imported into the destination country and always package, label and provide all required paperwork. To be approved for transporting dangerous goods you will need to have attended a Civil Aviation approved dangerous goods course and passed their examination. The better option is to appoint an approved agent to handle your dangerous goods. If you need help with locating a suitably qualified transport company, please let us know.

This is VERY important. If you send any dangerous goods and you have not done everything to the book then several things can happen. There may be delays while it is repackaged, re-labelled or extra paperwork is provided. This is best case scenario. The courier may return your goods or you may even be asked to collect from an airport. The worst case scenario is that may be FINED, this is a criminal offence with all its consequences.

TIP: make sure to provide and attach all the required paperwork and labels before sending any shipment to avoid delays. Remember clean tidy boxes always clear security quicker

TIP: always check the weather and holidays in the destination country before sending so that you know of any possible delays that may occur ahead of time.

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