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Weight & Dimensions Guidance

Correctly weighing any parcel:

You should only weigh your package when it has been fully packed and sealed. Weighing should always be done on digital scales so that you get the most accurate measurements.

TIP: It is always a good idea to take a picture of your package on the scale. If there is a dispute down the line with courier about the package weight you have photographic evidence to prove otherwise.

If you fail to weigh the package correctly and the package is heavier than stated a supplementary invoice will be sent to the shipper increasing the cost.

• Measuring a box correctly

The price of a shipment is determined by 4 things. The destination, the service selected, the weight and the volumetric weight. The volumetric weight is sometimes worked out differently but generally goes by the following rule:

{Length (cm’s) x Width (cm’s) x Height (cm’s)} divided by 5000

i.e. a package measuring 20x30x40cm = 20x30x40= 24,000 divided by 5,000= 4.8 kg volumetric weight

This means even if you send a parcel weighing 2kg’s and measures 20x30x40cm the price will be judged on the volumetric weight of 4.8kg

You should only measure the package when it is fully packed and sealed. Measuring a package correctly is important, if not, the courier will check and the shipper may be sent a supplementary invoice increasing the cost. When measuring always use a ruler or tape measure as guessing will never be accurate.


TIP: Always make sure that nothing is hanging off the box like tape or document pouches. Couriers often use laser measuring tools which will see the extra bit of tape and can add on extra cms increasing the overall volumtric weight. A courier in the past has tried to add on one quarter more or even more in the past

TIP: It always a good idea to take a picture of your box with measuring tap against it so that if a dispute arises later you have photographic proof

• Measuring odd shaped packages correctly

Measuring odd or irregular shaped packages or objects follows the same principle as a normal one. Measure the length, width and height to the furthest most point of each dimension. If it has a handle or any other extrusion this must be included in the measurements. See below:


When measuring any package or object it is important to do it accurately as this can save you or the shipper from extra costs further down the road. As mentioned earlier taking photographs is a good idea to settle any disputes that may arise.

TIP: Taking photos can also help couriers locate your package if they do manage to lose them in their warehouse.

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